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Feed My Meter

Never let your meter expire again

Say goodbye to nail biting and parking tickets, and hello

to peace of mind. Stay informed with notifications and

add time to your expiring meter from wherever your

day takes you.

Park & Pay

Just park, scan and pay

MeterFeedr's QR system lets you to connect to your

parking meter, pay and drop a pin to remember where

you parked. Simple, the way parking should be.


No more pressing the panic button

Once you park and pay, MeterFeedr automatically drops

a pin on your parking space, so you don't have to carry

around bread crumbs anymore. Just press 'Locate' and

you'll be guided back to your car.


Customize your account info

Make all of your transactions easy by taking advantage of

MeterFeedr's setting options. Create an account, input

payment information and receive receipts via email.